5 Tips to Help You Have a Stress Free Semester

It seems like our culture is over committed and always stressed out. How can we eliminate that in our lives? Last week I was feeling down and a bit stressed out so I decided to put these steps into action and it’s amazing what the Lord will do when you simply come to Him for refreshment.


1. Re-evaluate your priorities: I often have to take a deep breath, step outside and take a look at where my priorities are. Some questions I ask myself are, “Have I been spending enough time in the Bible and having quiet time with God?”, “When was the last time I had a night to relax at home with my family?”, and “What’s really most important to me right now?” This helps me to get back on track and realize where my heart is amongst the craziness of life. I’ve found that focusing on others, helps me to loose sight of myself and feel less stressed. Take a moment to make a list of your priorities and who you want to invest in.

2. Rest: When I start to feel overwhelmed, I go to bed early that night. Rest restores creativity. A good nights rest allows you to think more clearly and have some perspective. Trust me, you need rest! It’s worth it.

3. Be productive: If you feel stressed or overwhelmed with balancing work, family, friends, schoolwork, church, and sports you’re not alone. It’s challenging to give it your all, 100% of the time. But what I’ve found is if you are productive and work hard in the moment you are in, you will feel accomplished by the end of the day. When you’re in class, make progress and give it your best instead of saying, “Oh I’m so stressed; I can’t do this today.”

Continuing to say you feel stressed will not solve the problem.

4. Take it off the plate: When stress consumes you, consider cutting out some unnecessary activities that take up some of your valuable time. For example, cut out that club at school that you are just not passionate about so that you can invest in your family more, or stop watching that show that’s causing you to get behind on homework. Don’t overcommit yourself because that will cause you not give the activities you are most passionate about your all. You want to do a few things excellently rather than overcommit and feel defeated.

5. Take a day: Take a day. Simply, don’t make plans. Stay in your PJ’s all day and watch movies. Eat lots of ice cream. Spend precious moments of stillness and quiet. Take a day to refresh your soul. It’s not selfish. The best leaders take time for themselves so that they can feel confident, which allows them to lead others better.

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