How to Make the Best of Your Senior Year


After completing my first week of senior year, I realized how incredibly fast this year is going to go by.  I plan on making this the best year yet. Soaking up every conversation, every theatre performance, every audition, every lunch with my friends, and yes, even every boring math class.

Just by simply being given the title of a senior, I have been given the gift of great influence over my school, and I plan on making it count.

Here are some of my goals that I pray every senior will strive to achieve as well.  🙂

1. Notice the little things: pick up trash on the school campus, hold the door open for fellow peers when entering a class, invite a new student to sit at your lunch table, offer grace when its lacking, speak words of kindness.

2. Read your Bible: reading your Bible every day before school will equip you to have the courage to be bold in your school and put your heart at peace before the day. Don’t underestimate the power of being in His Word. I recently decided to take on the challenge of reading the Bible in one year with my church small group. It has been amazing to see how God is working in my heart since I took on this challenge. I highly suggest taking your faith to the next level and challenging yourself this year spiritually. How cool would it be if you walked into college saying you have read the whole Bible?!!

Here is the APP I use to read the Bible on YouVersion.

Be in this world, but not of it.

3. Be the example, not the exception:  as a senior, it’s extremely tempting for us to think of ourselves as the exception to the rules. This comes off as rude and as if we think of ourselves as superior to other students on campus. I want to be a role model for younger students, not the lazy senior that thinks I am above the crowd.

Realize that life goes on after high school, and some of the greatest moments of our lives are yet to happen.

4. Live in the moment: it’s going to be extremely hard for me not to be stressing about college 24/7 this year, but if I do this I will miss so many unforgettable memories. Worrying will not fix or help anything; it will only hold me back this year.

  • When I’m at a football game, I’m really going to be ALL there mentally.
  • When I’m performing in the school play, I’m going to soak in every second of goofing off with my amazing cast backstage.
  • When I’m driving my brother to school, I’m going to have meaningful conversations and lots of pre school jam sessions.

Lastly, go on spontaneous adventures,
try lots of new things, love people unconditionally,
offer grace, and be bold.
Make memories.
Go make this year count.


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2 responses to “How to Make the Best of Your Senior Year

  1. Lori

    It goes by so fast. So glad you recognize that. Soak it all in! It may be the last time you live at home, don’t have to pay rent, worry about food in the pantry or if your water bill is paid. ENJOY each moment! All that other stuff is an adventure too but just different!


  2. Kristin

    what great advice! love your influence and kind heart! oxoxox


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